A Road Accident Lawyer Can Help You Determine Road Defect Liability

In many cases, a car accident does not result from driver negligence, but rather from dangerous road conditions. Potholes, hazardous weather, insufficient streetlights, or poor roadway design can all cause accidents.

road accident lawyer with Bennett Johnson, LLP in Oakland, CA, has the experience necessary to navigate the complex laws involving defective roadway jurisdiction. We can help you determine which entity or entities may be liable for damages, and ensure that all appropriate parties are held accountable. 

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A skilled attorney can identify the entities liable for roadway defects and resulting injuries.

Determining Fault in Defective Roadway Suits

Defective roadway suits can be complicated because they may involve multiple government entities. Roadways and their maintenance are often the responsibility of federal, state, city, and county government agencies. Because multiple government agencies may be involved, it is often difficult to determine exactly which entity is responsible for the roadway.

A thorough investigation of the crash site is necessary, as well as the collection of witness statements, to help determine the cause of the crash. Once we determine the cause, we can better determine who is responsible for the damages. In addition to the roadway's governing agencies, construction crews, highway engineers, and other parties may be liable for an accident. 

Common Roadway Defects

Just as determining who is at fault in a defective roadway suit is difficult, determining the exact cause of the crash can also be complex.

We can help you determine which entity or entities may be liable for damages, and ensure that all appropriate parties are held accountable. ​

An experienced attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the crash site and obtain footage of the scene, if available. Some of the most common roadway defects that cause accidents include: 

  • Debris, such as tree limbs or car parts that have not been cleared in an acceptable timeframe
  • Lack of appropriate lighting, or defective lighting
  • Malfunctioning, defective, or inadequate traffic signs and signals
  • Nonexistent traffic signs or signals
  • Poor placement of lines or inadequate visibility of lines 
  • Poor roadway or highway design
  • Potholes
  • Steep shoulder drop-offs
  • Unsafe construction zones, typically lacking proper warning signs

Any number of the above can result in an accident, even for the most cautious driver. Such accidents may cause significant property damage, in addition to physical and emotional injury. 

The Necessity of an Experienced Attorney

Not every imperfection on a roadway will necessarily warrant a defect claim, and it is important to differentiate between legitimate hazards and expected risks. This is why it is imperative that you seek the expertise of an attorney familiar with roadway claims.

The attorneys at Bennett Johnson, LLP can look at reports from previous accidents in the same area to determine if there is a pattern that may indicate a defect. In doing so, we can better determine if a roadway defect caused your accident, after which we will work diligently to determine which parties are responsible.

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An attorney who is skilled in handling complex road defect suits is imperative to your success in securing the compensation you deserve.

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