Victims of a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, severe burns, or other bodily injuries can face significant long-term repercussions. At Bennett Johnson, LLP in Oakland, CA, a bodily injury lawyer will work on contingency so clients can focus on their recovery rather than mounting legal bills. Bodily injuries can be the result of a car wreck, an on the job accident, a collision with a truck, or take place on the property of another. With over four decades of experience, the lawyers at Bennett Johnson, LLP can help personal injury victims receive the medical treatment they need to recover from bodily injuries, while also seeking compensation for the damages suffered as a result of a bodily injury. 

Why You Need a Bodily Injury Lawyer 

When a bodily injury occurs at the hands of another, it is important to have an attorney by your side when you seek the compensation you deserve. A bodily injury lawyer can assist with many aspects of recovering damages. Additionally, an attorney will know that:

  • Claims for damages have to be made within a certain window of time after the injury took place. If this deadline is missed, the victim is not able to seek recovery.
  • Settlement of claims for bodily injury can involve dealing with an attorney, the court system, and an insurance company. It is best to leave the negotiations to a professional with a history of dealing with these entities.
  • Presentation of evidence and other necessary considerations to prove damages must be done properly, and according to certain legal rules and standards. 
  • Your focus should be on getting better and not on how to recover adequate compensation.  Allowing an attorney to shoulder this burden takes some of the pressure off of the victim.

Personal bodily injuries can occur in a variety of ways, and cause severe pain to the victim.  It is important to seek appropriate medical treatment for bodily injuries, as well as full and fair compensation from the responsible party.

Some Common Causes of Bodily Injury

Getting hurt can happen in a variety of ways. Common causes of bodily injury can include:

Bodily Injuries can Have Long-Lasting Effects

While some people are able to bounce back quickly from an injury, others are not as fortunate. When a bodily injury is not treated properly, or it is so severe that a full recovery is not possible, possible long-term effects could include:

  • Ongoing and continuous physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Significant time off of work, which can result in debilitating financial losses
  • Chronic and constant pain

Liability for Bodily Injuries

When a bodily injury is not caused by your own negligence, it is critical to look to the liable party for compensation. Most bodily injuries are caused by:

  • Negligent or reckless drivers
  • Companies or persons that fail to keep their premises safe
  • Manufacturers of products
  • Unsafe working conditions

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