The victims of a trucking accident or their loved ones may be owed damages for a variety of reasons, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, or even wrongful death. Special regulations for trucking exist at both the state and federal level. These regulations are in place specifically for this industry, because the type of damage caused by a large truck is quite different from the damage seen in an automobile accident. The personal injury attorneys at Bennett Johnson, LLP have maintained a reputation in the Oakland, CA, area since 1981 for helping clients recover truck accident damages. They know how the state and federal regulations come into play when seeking a specific damage amount. 

Type of Damages Related to a Truck Accident

Despite the fact that a car accident and a trucking accident both involve moving vehicles, the damages are not quite the same. The size and weight of a commercial truck such as an 18 wheeler is such that the damages related to a truck accident are unique:

  • Property damage is usually a total loss because in a collision with a truck, a mid-size car or even an SUV is at a size disadvantage.
  • Bodily injuries are usually more catastrophic in a truck accident, and can include multiple broken bones, severe head trauma, burns, and significant damage to internal organs.
  • Pain and suffering for a truck accident victim is typically long-lasting and can have devastating effects. It is not easy to recover from a catastrophic bodily injury, and the struggle to do so can result in severe depression or even suicidal thoughts. In many cases, the victim may be unable to achieve a full recovery or return to work, and this can add to depression and anxiety. It is necessary to treat this pain and suffering with ongoing therapy and rehabilitation. In some instances, the victim may even need to re-learn certain basic life skills, such as use of utensils or walking.

Damages for a trucking accident can be similar to damages for a car accident, but usually contain unique components of injury. 

Medical Expenses Associated With a Trucking Accident

Any accident that results in bodily injury will require medical attention. These expenses are part of the damages in a trucking accident, and common medical expenses associated with a trucking accident are:

  • Surgery and extensive hospital stay costs.
  • Prescription medication needs.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Ambulance and emergency on-scene care expenses.
  • Recurring doctor visits and check ups.
Symbols of damages incurred in a trucking accident
A number of considerations must be made when determining truck accident damages, including ongoing care. 

What to do About Loss of Income From a Trucking Accident

When victims of truck accidents are hurt and are unable to return to work, they will not receive a paycheck. The loss of income associated with an accident is the responsibility of the culpable party and should be repaid to the victim. In a trucking accident, this means:

  • When a trucking company is found liable for an accident, it becomes responsible for all damages suffered. Part of these damages can be the loss of income from not being able to go to work while injured. It is important to calculate this figure and make a demand for the lost wages for time missed from work.
  • It is likewise important to make a demand for future lost income when a trucking company is found responsible for an accident. Not all victims are able to return to work at their full capacity or salary, and the loss of future wages should be included in the lost wages calculation.

What You Need to Know About Fatal Truck Accidents

The most severe injury one can suffer from a trucking accident is loss of life. The surviving family members of a victim of a trucking accident should explore making a claim for wrongful death. This type of claim is a complex one to make, but considering the increase in fatalities from trucking accidents, it is essential to take steps to hold the industry accountable. Since 2010, the number of fatalities from trucking accidents has increased, leaving many families with the option to make a claim for wrongful death.

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